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Professional Dancer Kapri Sun Signs Deal With PR and Marketing Firm “MSNEWSWORTHY”

Seeking to astonish the world through her ingenious acts of kindness is a girl not only rich in talent but also wealthy of heart; Reese Jones alias Kapri Sun born on 24th November 1997 is a professional dancer, Choreographer, Entertainer, and Influencer who has been making waves from Phoenix, AZ to Tik Tok and beyond.   Kapri has been bringing the hype to the community by inspiring teens through prep rallies and dance classes. Her Tiktok and Instagram feeds are filled with a dancer’s desire to find success in music. Each post communicates directly to the heart of her 10 thousand followers. As a dancer showcases her art with a positive attitude that floods her with energy, happiness, and the feeling that the work she is doing is for the upliftment of humanity as teens all over get to see her and learn – that we can accomplish everything we put our minds to.    Kapri Sun represents artistic achievement and integrity like few others in the dance world. She is now set to collaborate with a luxury PR and Marketing firm “MSNEWSWORTHY” who signed her to their roaster for PR and Career Management and will serve as her main contact for press and community engagement services.

Watch her reign!  Catch Up With Kapri Sun on: Instagram: 


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