Privacy Policy for Newsworthy LLC

Last Updated: November 2023 

Effective Date: June 2020


Grab your notebooks; it’s time to talk Terms of Use. These are the rules of the game, and by using our site, you’re suiting up for the war that is entrepreneurship. 


1. Operation Newsworthy: Strategic Engagement (Rules for Services) 

Welcome to the MSNEWSWORTHY, where strategy meets execution. You’re here to become a brand worth talking via MSNEWSWORTHY’s services and navigating, but remember, this is a professional playground. No playing dirty; we’re aiming for newsworthy victories.

2. Intellectual Territory: Content Ownership

In this arena, what you create is your masterpiece, and what we share is our brilliance. No plagiarism, no covert ops. Respect the boundaries, and we’ll all shine —no espionage allowed.

3. Classified Excellence: Protecting Our Unique Tactics

Our strategies are like classified files—top-notch and exclusive. No pilfering allowed. We’re not sharing our secret sauce with just anyone. Let’s keep it on a need-to-know basis.

4. Intel from the Field: User Generated Content 

Anything you share with us—comments, photos, war stories— are the heart of our mission. Anything you share with us becomes part of the operation. We might share the glory, but don’t worry, we won’t claim your spotlight

5. Behind the Scenes: Collection and Use of Client Information

We’re not here to play dirty; your secrets are extremely safe with us. We collect data to refine our strategies, and after two years, we might share anonymized insights with trusted allies. 

Privacy of our clients is held in the utmost regard. 

Check out our Privacy Policy for the inside scoop on how we handle your information. 

6. Allies and Adversaries

There are links out there that might lead you into a scandal. Navigate the web with care; We can’t always be the fixers of other people’s messes (unless of course, they are on our crisis management roster), so choose your clicks wisely.

7. Call to Retreat

We can cut ties if you break the rules. No hard feelings, just don’t make us go all Annalise Keating on you.

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8. Strategic Changes

Things in the world of MSNEWSWORTHY evolve. If we need to change the game, we’ll send up the signal flare (email). Stay vigilant.

9. Disclaimer 

We’re making moves, doing our best, but even soldiers in the Newsworthy Navy stumble. Don’t hold us hostage if there’s a hiccup. 

10. Emergency Contact

Need to send a message or discuss strategy? Reach out to us at